Is Tony Maudsley Gay? Exploring the Truth Behind the Sexuality Rumors and Speculation

Is Tony Maudsley Gay? Tony Maudsley is widely recognized as hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke in the popular ITV sitcom Benidorm and for portraying George Shuttleworth in the ongoing ITV soap opera Coronation Street (from 2020 onwards).

His notable credits extend to playing Martin in the BBC One sitcom Eyes Down (2003–2004) and Graham in the ITV2 sitcom The Job Lot (2013–2014). Maudsley ventured into pantomime in 2016, debuting as Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.

The following year, he took on a different role, playing the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin at the Swansea Grand Theatre. In 2020, he continued his pantomime involvement, portraying Kenneth the Cabin Boy in Peter Pan at the Liverpool Empire.

Speculation surrounding Tony Maudsley’s sexual orientation is common among fans, primarily fueled by the multiple gay roles he has portrayed, such as Kenneth Du Beke in Benidorm. Some people also speculate about his sexual orientation based on his cheerful and lively nature.

So, Is Tony Maudsley gay, or are these speculations simply baseless rumors spread by critics? Continue reading this article to find out more about his sexual orientation.

Tony Maudsley’s Sexual Orientation

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Is Tony Maudsley Gay?

Is Tony Maudsley Gay
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As of the available information, Tony Maudsley is not gay. Speculation about his sexuality arose particularly after his portrayal of the gay character Kenneth Du Beke in the television series Benidorm. While he convincingly played the role, Tony Maudsley has not publicly disclosed details about his sexual orientation or delved much into his personal life.

Known for being a private individual, Maudsley has not made any official statements regarding his sexuality, and there is limited information available on this aspect of his life. Despite curiosity among fans, thorough research, including checking his dating history and analyzing his social media accounts, has not provided concrete evidence or official news about Tony Maudsley being gay. Thus, we can say that Tony Maudsley is not gay.

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Is Tony Maudsley Married?

Tony Maudsley Wife
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As of the latest information, Tony Maudsley is unmarried and has no wife. There is no documented record of past relationships or girlfriends in the media. Tony is known for maintaining a private stance on his personal and dating life, contributing to speculation about his sexual orientation.

At 55 years old and being single and unmarried, some people speculate about Tony Maudsley’s sexual orientation, particularly considering his privacy and lack of publicly known relationships. It’s important to note that his relationship status has not been explicitly disclosed, and assumptions about his sexuality should be approached with caution.

Tony Maudsley is not very active on social media regarding his personal life. He has shared photos expressing love for his parents on various occasions. For instance, he posted a photo with his mother on Mother’s Day in 2016 and extended wishes to his father on Father’s Day in 2015.

Tony is single and has not publicly identified a partner or spouse. Given his commitment to privacy, respecting his decision to keep certain aspects of his personal life confidential is crucial. Until he chooses to share more about his relationships and family, relying on verified information is recommended to avoid spreading unverified claims.

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Despite speculation fueled by his portrayal of a gay character in Benidorm, there is no conclusive evidence that Tony Maudsley is gay. The 55-year-old actor maintains a private stance on his personal life, with no public disclosure of his sexual orientation.

He is currently unmarried, and assumptions about his sexuality should be approached cautiously. Until he chooses to share more about his personal life, relying on verified information is advised, respecting his decision to keep certain aspects confidential.

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