Is Ruby Tui Gay? What is The Sexual Orientation of ‘Rugby Union Player’ Ruby Tui?

Is Ruby Tui Gay: Ruby Tui, a talented rugby union player from New Zealand, has made her mark on the international stage. She showcased her skills and helped the national rugby sevens team secure a remarkable silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Furthermore, her outstanding performance led to a gold medal triumph in rugby sevens at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Tui’s sporting achievements continued as she played a crucial role in the Black Ferns team, which emerged victorious in the 2021 Rugby World Cup.

Ruby Tui has captured the hearts of numerous fans who are eager to discover whether their beloved athlete is gay or not. The reason behind this curiosity stems from Tui’s exceptionally close bond with former Mai FM host Dani Fennessy.

It’s natural for people to wonder if the rumors circulating about Ruby Tui’s sexuality hold any truth or if they are simply unfounded claims. Dive into the article to reveal the truth about Rubi Tui’s sexual orientation.

How Did Ruby Tui Grow Up?

Is Ruby Tui Gay

Ruby Tui was born on 13 December 1991 in Wellington, New Zealand. Ruby Tui’s dad is Samoan, while her mom’s ethnicity is Irish and Scottish. When Ruby was eight, her parents got separated.

She attended John Paul II High School in Greymouth for her education. In 2013, she got a scholarship to pursue her studies at Aoraki Polytechnic, where she successfully earned a Diploma in Sports.

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Is Ruby Tui Gay?

Is Ruby Tui Gay
Ruby Tui and Dani Fennessy

Yes, Ruby Tui is Gay and Her Sexual Orientation is Homosexual. Since 2019, Tui has been in a relationship with Dani Fennessy, a former Mai FM host. These lovebirds reside near the Sevens training headquarters in Tauranga. During an interview, Ruby shared her thoughts:

“Love is everything. I’ve had boyfriends in the past, but now I’m living with a girl. It’s important to have someone who takes care of you, just like my amazing partner Taryn. She’s been incredibly supportive of me and my aspirations.”

Additionally, the New Zealand squad boasts a notable representation of openly LGBTQ players. Among them are Ruby Tui, Gayle Broughton, Portia Woodman, and Kelly Brazier.

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How Ruby Tui Started Her Rugby Journey?

Is Ruby Tui Gay

Tui made her debut in sevens rugby back in 2012 in Fiji, and she has been an integral part of the national team ever since. Known for her impressive strength and aggressive playing style, Tui is a true force to be reckoned with on the field. It’s worth mentioning that she owes her development to the Go4Gold campaign initiated by the New Zealand Rugby Union.

In preparation for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Tui was named as a non-traveling reserve for the Black Ferns Sevens squad. Although she didn’t physically attend the Games, being selected for such a prestigious event speaks volumes about her skill and potential.

An exciting opportunity came Tui’s way in November 2021 when she was chosen to be part of the Chiefs squad for the inaugural season of Super Rugby Aupiki. It was a significant milestone in her career, offering her a chance to prove herself at an even higher level of competition.

Tui’s journey continued in 2022 as she secured her spot in the Black Ferns squad for the Pacific Four Series. Her international debut took place in a thrilling match against Australia in Tauranga on 6 June. Tui’s talent shone through as she scored an impressive two tries against Canada during the Pacific Four Series.

The recognition of her abilities didn’t stop there. Tui was also selected for the August test series against Australia, where she competed for the coveted Laurie O’Reilly Cup.

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Is Ruby Tui Gay

Her consistent performance and dedication earned her a place in the Black Ferns’ 32-player squad for the 2021 Rugby World Cup. Tui had the privilege of participating in several matches throughout the tournament, including the final, which resulted in a triumphant victory for the Black Ferns.

In a heartwarming moment, she spotted a young girl in the crowd after receiving her gold medal and graciously gifted it to her. This young recipient had recently overcome leukemia and had previously met Tui at a fan engagement event earlier in the week.

As a result, Tui was presented with a replacement gold medal at the World Rugby Awards in Monaco in November 2022. Continuing to make waves, Tui released her autobiography, “Straight Up,” on 27 September 2022. This book undoubtedly offers a unique glimpse into her life, experiences, and the journey that led her to where she is today.

On 30 April 2023, Tui made an important announcement. Despite receiving inquiries from various overseas organizations, she made the decision to sign a two-year contract with the New Zealand Rugby Union.

What sets this contract apart is the inclusion of a sabbatical, allowing her to take some time off when needed, showcasing the value placed on her skills and well-being by the union.

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What is Ruby Tui’s Net Worth?

Is Ruby Tui Gay

As of 2023, Ruby Tui has an estimated net worth of $5 Million (Source: AllFamousBirthday). Ruby Tui’s primary source of income comes from playing rugby.

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