Is Richard Madden Gay? Decoding the Actor’s Sexual Orientation Amidst Public Curiosity and Private Choices

Is Richard Madden Gay? Richard Madden, a Scottish actor, began acting at 11 and first appeared on screen in 2000. He also ventured into stage performances while studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Notably, in 2007, Madden took on the role of Romeo in Shakespeare’s Globe company’s tour, later reprising the character in the West End in 2016. His breakthrough came with the portrayal of Robb Stark in the popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones from 2011 to 2013.

Recently, there has been speculation about Richard Madden’s sexual orientation. This speculation stems from his notable portrayal of Ikaris in the Disney film Eternals and John Reid in the 2019 biopic Rocketman, based on Elton John’s life. In the film, Madden convincingly plays the character of John Reid, Elton John’s ex-boyfriend.

The realistic portrayal led some people to assume that Madden’s numerous gay and bisexual roles in movies might reflect his sexual orientation.

So, the question arises: Is Richard Madden gay in real life, or are these speculations unfounded? To find out more about Richard Madden’s sexual orientation and whether he identifies as gay, let’s delve into the details in this article.

Richard Madden’s Sexual Orientation

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Is Richard Madden Gay?

Is Richard Madden Gay
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No, Richard Madden is not gay, and there is no public confirmation of him being bisexual either, as he has not openly discussed his sexual orientation. The absence of any known past relationships with men adds to this perception. Despite persistent questions about his sexuality, Madden has chosen to keep his personal life private.

The speculation surrounding his sexual orientation is partly fueled by his portrayal of gay characters in movies, such as John Reid in the 2019 film Rocketman and Ikaris in the 2021 Disney film Eternals. Madden’s role in Eternals marked the first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In response to inquiries about actors playing gay roles, Madden emphasized the importance of diversity and selecting the best actor for a given part. He has consistently shut down discussions about his private life, stating in an interview with The New York Times, “I just keep my personal life personal. I’ve never talked about my relationships.”

Is Richard Madden Gay
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Previous rumors linked Madden to his ex-roommate Brandon Flynn, who had dated Sam Smith. However, neither Madden nor Flynn confirmed these rumors, and the speculation reportedly strained their friendship, leading Madden to move out.

Madden’s closeness to Froy Gutierrez, also speculated to be gay, sparked further rumors, but neither party made any public statements regarding their relationship. Despite the ongoing speculation, Madden’s dating history with women from the industry suggests that he is not gay.

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Who is Richard Madden Dating?

Richard Madden Girlfriend
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Based on the information, Richard Madden is currently not involved in a romantic relationship; he is single. His previous known partner was Ellie Bamber. They ended their relationship in 2019 after being together for two years.

There is speculation among individuals that Madden intentionally keeps his life private. This decision might be influenced by the aftermath of his past relationship, leading him to become more secretive about his matters.

Madden is recognized for being reserved and prefers to maintain a profile. He doesn’t share much about his life on media and has explicitly stated that he will not discuss his relationships publicly, saying, “I’ve never talked about my relationships.” This dedication to privacy creates difficulty in discovering any specifics about his life. It remains uncertain whether he will pursue a relationship in the future.

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Richard Madden’s Dating History

Richard Madden Girlfriend
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Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman started dating when he joined Game of Thrones, but their relationship ended in 2015, reportedly due to his closeness with Lily James from Cinderella. Despite attempts to reconcile in August 2015, their efforts were unsuccessful.

In 2016, Richard briefly dated English model Suki Waterhouse and Irish model Laura Whitmore, but these relationships didn’t last.

He then entered a relationship with Caroline Flack, the host of Love Island. However, this caused tension with Laura, who was friends with Caroline. According to an insider, Laura felt betrayed as she learned about Richard and Caroline through mutual friends and social media, leading to a falling out.

Moving on, Richard was romantically linked to English actress Ellie Bamber in 2017. Speculations of a split in 2019 were confirmed when Richard attended the Golden Globes alone and did not mention Ellie in his award acceptance speech.

According to a source, their relationship had reached a point where daily arguments prompted consideration of couples’ therapy, but ultimately, unresolved issues led to the breakup.

As of now, Richard Madden is single. There is no evidence of him being in a new relationship, leaving fans to wonder about his romantic status.

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Despite ongoing speculation about his sexual orientation, there is no public confirmation that Richard Madden is gay or bisexual. The actor, known for his breakout role in Game of Thrones and portrayals of gay characters in films, has consistently kept his personal life private. Madden is single and previously in relationships with individuals such as Ellie Bamber.

His dedication to privacy and reluctance to discuss his relationships publicly leave fans curious about his romantic status. While Madden’s convincing performances in diverse roles have sparked discussions about his personal life, the actor maintains a firm stance on keeping such matters confidential.

As of now, Richard Madden’s past relationships suggest that he is not gay, and he continues to navigate the spotlight with a commitment to privacy.

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