Is Pete Wicks Gay? Exploring the Truth Behind Recent Speculation and Reunion with Sam Thompson

Is Pete Wicks Gay? Pete Wicks, an English television personality known for his role on the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex, recently garnered attention for his emotional reunion with close friend Sam Thompson on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! This reunion has fueled rumors on the internet about Pete Wicks’s sexuality.

Speculations are circulating, suggesting a potential romantic connection between Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson. This has generated widespread interest and raised the question: Is Pete Wicks gay?

Continue reading this article to find out more about Pete Wicks’s sexual orientation, whether he identifies as gay, and the nature of his relationship with Sam Thompson, and for a comprehensive exploration of the topic.

Pete Wicks Sexual Orientation

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Is Pete Wicks Gay?

Is Pete Wicks Gay
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Contrary to the speculation and rumors surrounding his sexuality, it’s important to clarify that Pete Wicks is not gay. The source of the confusion can be traced back to a bold photoshoot in 2019, where Pete and his close friend Sam Thompson took their camaraderie to the next level for new! Magazine.

The photoshoot involved candid conversations, sharing a bathtub, and posing in bed together, creating a cheeky and suggestive atmosphere.

Despite the shoot’s playful nature, Sam and Pete quickly emphasized the boundaries of their friendship. Sam explicitly stated, “I do not want to see his k**b.”

Pete added a playful touch by recalling a moment on Celebs Go Dating where Sam openly discussed intimate details. It’s crucial to note that the photoshoot was all in good fun and had no impact on Pete Wicks’s sexual orientation.

Pete Wicks’s dating history, which exclusively involves relationships with women in the past, serves as a clear indication that Pete Wicks’s sexual orientation is straight.

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Who is Pete Wicks Dating?

Pete Wicks Girlfriend
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As of December 2023, Pete Wicks appears to be single and not currently dating anyone. In April 2023, the 34-year-old reality star was spotted in good spirits during an al fresco lunch at Scott’s restaurant in London. He was accompanied by a mystery female guest, who kept a low profile in a burgundy baseball cap. The duo seemed at ease with each other, sipping cocktails and enjoying seafood as they engaged in conversation.

Known for his public romances, Pete Wicks has had a series of relationships over the years, including with TOWIE co-stars such as Megan McKenna, Chloe Sims, and Ella Rae Wise. The recent outing raises questions about Pete’s relationship status, although no concrete evidence confirms his connection with the mystery guest. It is assumed that Pete Wicks is single at this time, as there has been no official confirmation from him.

Reflecting on his past relationships, Pete’s journey includes a tumultuous romance with Megan McKenna, which ended due to infidelity claims and a perceived ‘toxic’ dynamic. Subsequent relationships with Shelby Tribble and others also faced challenges, with sexting controversies leading to painful breakups.

Despite his history of romantic entanglements, it is assumed that Pete Wicks is unattached, choosing to steer clear of committed relationships. His diverse dating history, which includes flings with Jess Wright, Verity Chapman, Harriette Harper, Jacqui Ryland, Megan Barton-Hanson, and others, reflects the varied experiences in his romantic journey.

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Despite recent rumors fueled by an emotional reunion with friend Sam Thompson, Pete Wicks is not gay. The speculation arose from a playful 2019 photoshoot, but both Pete and Sam emphasized the shoot was in good fun and had no impact on Pete’s sexual orientation.

His dating history exclusively involves relationships with women, and as of December 2023, Pete appears to be single. While he has had public romances, the recent outing with a mystery female guest suggests he’s unattached. This article aims to clarify Pete Wicks’s sexual orientation and provide insights into his relationship status, dispelling misconceptions.

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