Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay? Unveiling the Truth About Strictly Come Dancing Star’s Sexual Orientation and Relationship Status

Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay? Nikita Kuzmin is a talented dancer and choreographer with a dual Ukrainian-Italian heritage. Many recognize him for his impressive skills showcased on the dance floors of popular competitions such as Let’s Dance on RTL and Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One. Notably, he holds six prestigious Italian Championship titles.

Nikita is partnered with West End star Layton Williams on Strictly Come Dancing, forming a same-sex dance couple. Layton Williams is openly gay, leading fans to wonder about Nikita’s sexual orientation.

To get to the bottom of it, let’s explore whether Nikita Kuzmin is indeed gay or if these speculations are unfounded. Keep reading this article as we delve into the details of Nikita Kuzmin’s Sexual Orientation, uncovering whether he identifies as gay or not.

What is Nikita Kuzmin’s Sexual Orientation?

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Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay?

Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay
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No, Nikita Kuzmin is not gay, despite his partnership with Layton Williams on Strictly Come Dancing. Their collaboration as dance partners does not imply a romantic relationship, as both are good friends and exceptional dancers, making them one of the standout duos on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

As of December 2023, Nikita Kuzmin is romantically involved with Lauren Jaine. While details about Lauren Jaine are somewhat limited, her Instagram profile indicates she is a model signed with First Model Management. Additionally, she recently graduated from Durham University, as evident from her Instagram posts documenting the milestone.

Their relationship was publicly revealed in October 2023, and the couple has been spotted together at various events, including The Tina Turner Musical Gala, where they were seen alongside Layton Williams. Lauren Jaine appears to be a supportive girlfriend, often photographed with both Nikita Kuzmin and Layton Williams.

Given these facts, it is clear that Nikita Kuzmin is not gay but is in a committed relationship with Lauren Jaine, demonstrating that Nikita Kuzmin is straight with a substantial female fan following worldwide.

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Nikita Kuzmin’s Dating History

Nikita Kuzmin's Girlfriend Lauren Jaine
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Before finding love with Lauren Jaine, Nikita Kuzmin, the celebrated Strictly star, had a romantic history with several well-known personalities.

Charlie Backshall – Early 2023

Nikita Kuzmin and Charlie Backshall
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In early 2023, Nikita was rumored to be in a relationship with Australian sex podcaster Charlie Backshall.

Nicole Wirt – 2017-2022

Before Charlie, Nikita was in a long-term relationship with dancer Nicole Wirt. Their five-year relationship came to an end in October 2022, as Nikita wanted to fully concentrate on the Strictly series. A source revealed that it was a mutual decision, with Nikita being engrossed in Strictly.

Molly Rainford – 2022

Nikita Kuzmin and Molly Rainford
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In 2022, Nikita was romantically linked to EastEnders star and fellow Strictly contestant Molly Rainford.

Nikita, known for his impressive dance skills, joined Strictly in 2021 after a season on Germany’s Let’s Dance. In a statement, he expressed his excitement about being a professional dancer on the show, describing it as his opportunity to create magic on the renowned dance floor.

Over the seasons, Nikita partnered with Tilly Ramsay in his debut season, danced with Ellie Simmonds in 2022, and teamed up with Layton Williams in 2023.

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Nikita Kuzmin is not gay, even though he dances with Layton Williams on Strictly Come Dancing. Their dance partnership is professional, and Nikita is in a romantic relationship with Lauren Jaine, a model. The article highlights that Nikita Kuzmin is straight, emphasizing his commitment to Lauren Jaine and his significant female fan following worldwide.

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