Is Jalen Green Gay? Leaked Reddit Video Sparks Specualtion About The Rocket’s Star

Is Jalen Green Gay: Jalen Green, hailing from the United States, is currently making waves as a professional basketball player representing the Houston Rockets in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Recognized as a highly sought-after talent, he earned the esteemed distinction of being a consensus five-star recruit and was hailed as the top shooting guard in the coveted 2020 class.

With Jalen Green’s ever-increasing popularity, it’s no surprise that rumors about the talented athlete have begun to circulate.

As avid followers tend to do, fans have been diligently scouring the internet for every morsel of information about their beloved superstar, delving into details about his personal life, relationships, and even his financial standing.

Amongst the numerous speculations floating around, one particular rumor has gained significant traction: “Is Jalen Green Gay?” due to a leaked Reddit video spreading on the internet. Curiosity piqued, readers are eager to uncover the truth about Green’s sexual orientation.

Dive into the article to find out the answer and gain a comprehensive understanding of Jalen Green’s personal life.

Is Jalen Green Gay?

Is Jalen Green Gay

No, Jalen Green is not gay and his sexual orientation is straight. Recently, a video emerged on Reddit, capturing a playful moment between Green and his fellow teammate, Josh Christopher, where Green made a sexual bodily gesture.

The Reddit community quickly latched onto the video, with one user humorously calling Green a “Freak of the Year contender.” While the exchange appears to be nothing more than friends goofing around in a private space, some commenters have taken it as an opportunity to speculate about Green’s sexuality.

jalen green freak of the year contender 🍆🍆🍆🍆
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It’s crucial to emphasize the significance of personal privacy and consent. While the video may have sparked curiosity, it should not be used as a basis for derogatory assumptions or judgments about anyone’s sexual orientation.

As responsible internet users, it’s essential to respect individuals’ boundaries and avoid jumping to conclusions based on fleeting moments captured on camera.

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Who is Jalen Green Dating?

Is Jalen Green Gay

As per various online sources, Jalen Green is dating Breah Hicks since 2021, which also proves that he is not gay. While it’s evident that basketball takes center stage in Green’s life, the young athlete understands the importance of balancing his personal affairs alongside his passion for the sport.

Green and model Breah Hicks made their relationship public a few months prior to the NBA draft, but it’s believed that they had been dating for a significant period before that. As time flies, the couple is now approaching their upcoming two-year anniversary, marking a milestone in their journey together.

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Who is Breah Hicks?

Is Jalen Green Gay

Breah Hicks is a talented model represented by Dollhouse Management, having worked with renowned brands like Savage X Fenty by Rihanna and Fashion Nova. In her role as a brand ambassador, she contributes to the promotion of these companies.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Hicks attended Notre Dame High School in the Sherman Oaks area. Graduating in 2017, she not only excelled academically but also showcased her athletic abilities as a member of the school’s track and field team.

With an impressive online presence, Hicks boasts a following of 520,000 on Instagram and 54,500 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

The details surrounding Hicks and Jalen Green’s introduction and the commencement of their relationship remain undisclosed.

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Is Jalen Green Gay
Breah Hicks and Christian Combs

However, the couple chose to make their romance public in June 2021. A month later, Hicks accompanied Green to the highly anticipated 2021 NBA Draft, where he was selected as the second overall pick by the Houston Rockets.

Before her relationship with Green, Hicks had a noteworthy relationship with Christian Combs, the son of renowned rapper and entrepreneur Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy. The couple was together for six years until their split in April 2021.

Reports suggest that the breakup was triggered by issues such as a lack of personal growth, infidelity, and dishonesty.

The circumstances surrounding Hicks and Combs’ initial meeting remain unclear, but it appears that their romantic journey began during their time in high school.

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What is Jalen Green’s Net Worth?

Is Jalen Green Gay

As of 2023, Jalen Green has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. The primary source of Green’s income stems from his basketball career. Being a rising star in the sport, he has managed to accumulate a considerable net worth within a relatively short period.

One significant contributor to Green’s earnings is the contracts he has secured with professional basketball teams. His initial notable contract came when he signed with the NBA G League Ignite for a substantial amount of $500,000. This marked a significant milestone in his career.

Currently, Green is an active player for the Houston Rockets, having inked a lucrative deal that has further bolstered his net worth. As he continues to reach new heights in his career, it is anticipated that Green will secure even more big contracts in the future, solidifying his financial success.

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