Is Humberly Gonzalez Gay? Beyond the Screen: Exploring Her Queer Identity and Authenticity

Is Humberly Gonzalez Gay? Humberly González, the Canadian actress, discovered her passion for acting during high school. She embarked on her acting journey by taking on guest roles in various TV shows, including Orphan Black (2013), Saving Hope (2012), and The Detail (2018). Her versatile career includes both television and film roles.

One of Humberly’s notable performances is as Rosario in the TV film Killer High (2018). She has also gained recognition for her roles as Vanessa in In The Dark (2019), Brooklyn 2 in the musical sci-fi series Utopia Falls (2020), and Sophie Sanchez in the widely acclaimed Netflix series Ginny and Georgia (2021).

Notably, Humberly González has portrayed LGBTQ characters in shows like Ginny & Georgia, Utopia Falls, and Jupiter’s Legacy. This has led to speculation among fans about her real-life sexual orientation. Many have labeled her as gay, raising questions about whether this is a reflection of her personal life or simply a result of her acting prowess.

To uncover the truth about Humberly González’s sexual orientation and whether she identifies as gay, continue reading this article for a comprehensive exploration of the subject.

Humberly Gonzalez’s Sexual Orientation

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Is Humberly Gonzalez Gay?

Is Humberly Gonzalez Gay
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Yes, Humberly González identifies as queer, and she publicly acknowledged her queer identity during an appearance on the Girl on Girl podcast in 2021. In a tweet, she expressed the significance of this moment, stating,

“This is a big moment for me. This is the first time I’m speaking openly about being queer. It’s been a long journey to who I am today.”

In an interview with The List, González candidly shared that embracing openness about her sexuality posed challenges for her. Remarkably, it was the experience of embodying LGBTQ characters that provided her with the strength to acknowledge and reveal her true self to the public.

Throughout the conversation, González delved into how her path in acting served as a catalyst, encouraging her to be more candid regarding her sexuality. She underscored the significance of portraying Latina characters within the LGBTQ spectrum, emphasizing the importance of representation in her roles.

Contrary to assumptions that González sought out LGBT roles after coming out, she disclosed that she was cast in such roles before publicly acknowledging her sexuality. Humorously, she mentioned,

“I was like, ‘The camera knows. How did they know?'”

González clarified that she never had the opportunity to choose her characters, emphasizing that it was not within her control.

Despite being in the closet initially, González had the chance to portray multiple LGBT characters, beginning with her role as Vanessa on CW’s “In The Dark.” Recalling that period, she admitted feeling scared and uncertain about stepping into such roles. However, as she continued to accept herself, González went on to play characters like Brooklyn in “Utopia Falls” and Sophie in “Ginny & Georgia.”

Discussing her character Brooklyn in “Utopia Falls,” González highlighted the refreshing aspect of normalizing the character’s sexuality without emphasizing it. She expressed how playing characters accepted without a dramatic coming-out moment was crucial for her. These roles helped González realize that she, too, could exist authentically without needing a grand announcement. She said,

“It was just a moment of like, ‘You know what? I can just exist, and that’s enough, as long as I come to terms with who I am, and I love myself for who I am.'”

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Who is Humberly Gonzalez Dating?

Humberly Gonzalez Boyfriend
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Humberly Gonzalez is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Groeneweg, as reported by Distractify. Despite rumors linking her to her Maps & Mistletoe co-star Ronnie Rowe Jr, no official confirmation of his romantic involvement has been made.

If you check Humberly’s Instagram, you won’t find many posts showcasing her relationship with Jonathan. Her feed is filled with stunning solo modeling shots, selfies, various makeup looks, full-body outfits of the day, fashionable poses, pictures with her puppies, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from the sets of her projects.

On the other hand, Jonathan’s Instagram provides a different perspective. His account is filled with pictures that proudly display their relationship. You can find snapshots of the couple making memories on vacations, celebrating anniversaries, dressing up in costumes, enjoying fun nights out, and more.

In an Instagram caption, Jonathan expressed his pride in Humberly’s accomplishments and praised her growth. He thanked her for supporting him and helping him become a more complete and authentic version of himself. His anticipation for their future together is evident in his words.

In a 2020 caption, Jonathan reminisced about the day he met Humberly, describing it as the moment he encountered the love of his life. The caption expressed gratitude for their shared beautiful times and hinted at more. Humberly Gonzalez is not married, but how Jonathan talks about their future indicates a deep and lasting love between the couple. They seem genuinely happy and inseparable, making their future together something to look forward to.

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Humberly Gonzalez is openly queer, confirming her identity during a podcast appearance in 2021. Despite assumptions, she was cast in LGBTQ roles before publicly acknowledging her sexuality. Gonzalez emphasized the importance of representation in her roles and shared insights into her journey of self-acceptance.

The article also mentions her current relationship with Jonathan Groeneweg, dispelling rumors about involvement with co-star Ronnie Rowe Jr. Their relationship is evident on Jonathan’s Instagram, where he expresses pride in Gonzalez’s accomplishments and anticipation for their future together. While not married, the couple appears genuinely happy and inseparable. This exploration provides a brief yet insightful look into Humberly Gonzalez’s identity and personal life.

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