Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay? Understanding the Reality Beyond Recent Online Speculation

Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay? Dricus du Plessis is a martial artist hailing from South Africa. He competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Dricus has had a career, securing the EFC Middleweight title twice and previously holding the EFC Welterweight Championship. He also claimed victory as the KSW Welterweight Champion. As of September 12, 2023, he has the #2 spot in the UFC middleweight rankings.

There has been some discussion recently regarding Dricus du Plessis’s orientation sparked by a circulated video showing him sharing a kiss with his coach, Morne Visser. Many people are. They are suggesting that he might identify as gay.

Speculations surrounding Dricus du Plessis’s sexuality gained momentum when he shared a couple of photos on his Instagram account. One picture featured him posing in underwear with a friend, while another showed what appeared to be a proposal to his friend in front of the Eiffel Tower.

So, is Dricus du Plessis gay, or do individuals spread these speculation rumors? This article aims to provide you with all the details about Dricus du Plessis’s orientation, delving into whether he identifies as gay or not.

Dricus Du Plessis’s Sexual Orientation

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Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay?

Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay
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No, Dricus du Plessis is not gay. Rumors have been circulating on the internet regarding his orientation. It’s crucial to distinguish between verified information and mere speculation. The rumors originated from a video where du Plessis interacted with his coach, Morne Visser, after a UFC fight.

When du Plessis stood up from his stool, Morne Visser patted him on the chest and kissed him on the lips. This display of affection was similar to what occurred between another fighter, Cameron Saaiman, and his coach. These gestures sparked speculation about their relationships, with some labeling du Plessis as gay. UFC middleweight Sean Strickland further fueled the discussion by mentioning a fan’s post.

Subsequently, additional rumors concerning du Plessis’s sexuality emerged after he shared some photos on Instagram. In one photo, he was pictured in underwear alongside a friend; in another photo, he appeared to be proposing to his friend in front of the Eiffel Tower. These images intensified the speculation.

However, it is important to emphasize that an individual’s actions and personal life should not automatically be taken as indicators of their orientation. Du Plessis has had relationships with women, which strongly suggests that he identifies as heterosexual.

We should respect people’s right to choose who they share their lives with, and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or spread unwarranted rumors or judgments about their sexual orientation. Everyone deserves understanding and respect for their personal choices.

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Who is Dricus Du Plessis Dating?

Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay
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Dricus du Plessis is currently not dating anyone and is considered single. In the past, he was romantically involved with his ex-girlfriend, Natassja Ras. The evidence of their love was visible through the pictures they shared on their Facebook pages, where they frequently posted images together.

One particularly memorable moment was captured by Nastassja on Valentine’s Day in 2022. The photo showed Dricus playfully licking her cheek, generating comments from friends and fans expressing joy for their relationship.

However, it seems that the couple is no longer together, although there hasn’t been an official announcement confirming their breakup.

Additionally, looking at Dricus’s Facebook profile suggests a connection with another woman named Cisca. On February 14, 2018, he posted a photo of himself and Cisca holding wine glasses, along with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day to all the wonderful ladies! 🌹.”

While he didn’t explicitly label Cisca as his girlfriend, their shared photos and moments hinted at an intimate connection, sparking speculation that they may have been romantically involved at some point.

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Dricus Du Plessis is not gay. Rumors about his sexual orientation arose from a video and Instagram photos, but these were clarified as misinterpretations. Distinguishing between verified information and speculation is crucial. Dricus has had relationships with women, dispelling rumors.

Currently single, he was previously involved with Natassja Ras, and there are hints of a connection with Cisca. Respect for personal choices is emphasized.

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