Is Chad Danforth Gay? Does He Have Feelings For Ryan?

Is Chad Danforth Gay: Chad Danforth is one of the six major characters in the High School Musical series. He is Troy Bolton’s best friend, co-captain, and a member of the same basketball team. He goes to college in Albuquerque and plays hoops there. Corbin Bleu plays him on the show.

Recently, speculations have emerged surrounding the sexual orientation of Chad Danforth, due to his close friendship with Ryan. However, it is crucial to find out whether these rumors hold any truth or if they are simply unfounded claims.

Dive into the article to know everything about Chad Danforth’s personal life and to uncover the reality of his sexual orientation.

Who is Chad Danforth?

Is Chad Danforth Gay

Chad is Charlie and Mrs. Danforth’s only child. He is a stereotypical athlete who is a determined and passionate player who appears to live solely for basketball. Almost everywhere he goes, he brings a basketball with him. He doesn’t want to act like Troy does.

Chad is known for wearing shirts with strange sayings and messages on them. In the third movie, all of these messages are about taking care of the earth. He is a famous basketball player and Troy Bolton’s best friend.

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Is Chad Danforth Gay?

Is Chad Danforth Gay

No, Chad Danforth is not gay, but some fans think that Chad is bisexual and Ryan is gay. They’re pretty sure that Chad and Ryan’s friendship in High School Musical 2 was full of sexual tension, but they’re also sad about what could have happened if their relationship had been a clear plot point.


Some people think that Sharpay is also gay and that he was jealous of Gabriella the whole time, not Troy.

Since there’s a lot to take in, we might have to watch the whole thing again right now.

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The theory is based on a moment in High School Musical 2 in which Ryan and Chad play baseball and sing ‘I Don’t Dance’ together. There is definitely a lot of tension in the scene.

At first glance, it looks like a good old-fashioned baseball feud, but fans think it’s really a lot of sexual tension between the two. Plus, they think that baseball is a big metaphor for homoeroticism.

To make things even worse, Chad and Ryan switch clothes after the baseball game and are suddenly very close, making Troy and everyone else very jealous.

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