Is Alex Scott Gay? Unveiling Her Relationship with Jess Glynne

Is Alex Scott Gay: Alex Scott, the well-known sports presenter, pundit, and former professional footballer is highly regarded for her illustrious career, in football. During her time as a player, she primarily played as a right-back for Arsenal in the FA WSL.

Additionally, Alex has proudly represented the England team. Earned an impressive 140 caps. She also had the honor of being part of Great Britain’s squad at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Now let’s shift our focus to discussions surrounding Alex Scott’s life. There have been speculations circulating about a relationship between her and pop star Jess Glynne. These rumors initially surfaced when they were spotted together at Wimbledon in July. It seems that their bond has strengthened since then.

However, it is crucial to approach these rumors with sensitivity and respect for both individuals’ privacy. Many have been curious about Alex Scott’s orientation and her connection, with Jess Glynne. In this article, we will delve deeper into this subject matter while providing any information regarding Alex Scott’s relationship status and sexual orientation.

Is Alex Scott Gay?

Is Alex Scott Gay?

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Alex Scott’s Sexual Orientation

Alex Scott is gay and dating Jess Glynne, according to The Sun. Alex Scott and superstar singer Jess Glynne have been quietly dating for the past two months. Their relationship appears to be going well, as they have been seen sharing a sweet hug in public. The couple’s connection began to blossom even before the Women’s World Cup.

Recently, Alex and Jess attended an exclusive Netflix documentary premiere after-party at The Twenty Two in West London, where they partied alongside famous couple David and Victoria Beckham.

According to a friend, their relationship has been a gradual progression, with both women being cautious about rushing things or making their relationship public too quickly.

What’s clear is that they are officially an item now and seem to be quite content together. Both Alex and Jess are strong, independent women who share a passion for their respective careers, and they support each other from the sidelines. Their friends are thrilled for them as well.

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This relationship between Jess, 33, and Alex, 38, began to take shape back in July when they were pictured together at Wimbledon. Their connection continued to strengthen as they enjoyed a boozy pub lunch in North West London just before the Women’s World Cup in August.

Despite the physical distance between them, they stayed in touch while Alex traveled to Australia to cover the tournament for the BBC. Upon her return to London, they met up again.

It’s important to note that Alex Scott has previously discussed her romantic experiences in her memoir, particularly her relationship with former team-mate Kelly Smith. She described Smith as her first love and shared her feelings of heartbreak when they separated.

From the available information, it seems that Alex Scott has a clear interest in women, which suggests that she is not straight. However, it’s essential to respect her privacy and allow her to define her own sexual orientation in her own time and words.

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Were Alex Scott and Scottish Actor Sam Robertson in a Romantic Relationship?

No, Alex Scott and Scottish actor Sam Robertson were not in a romantic relationship; they just went on a single date. Their date took place at a Soho restaurant called Dead Street Townhouse, where they were seen enjoying a candlelit dinner. Observers noted that the two appeared to be openly flirting during their outing.

Unfortunately, the beginning of Alex Scott’s romantic connection with the Coronation Street star was marred by an incident where photos of their date were leaked by someone in the restaurant.

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